Search engine optimization is a key driver of referral traffic for affiliate marketers. Achieving high search engine results positions can greatly influence the volume and quality of visitors to your website.

The following is an overview of effective SEO tips to help affiliate marketers improve SERP rankings to increase website traffic.

Build Quality Content

Adding quality content that hits on a diverse mix of keywords to your website can help you attract more organic search traffic. There are two primary ways to build strong page content with affiliate websites: landing pages and blog posts.

Use a solution-based approach to presenting your product landing pages. Include the product clearly within your page title. Outline primary benefits, and include key features like reviews and testimonials that assist shoppers. For your blog, create posts that address questions your customers are likely to enter into a search query. A quality, relevant and thorough blog post that is specific to a question or need has a better chance to rank well than a vague, general or less-targeted one. You can link relevant product landing pages from your blog post.

Continue to add new content and update old content. Freshness is a consideration in the Google search algorithm.

Optimize for Mobile

As search traffic continues to climb on mobile devices, Google is including more mobile factors in its rankings. In July, Google is launching its “Speed Update,” which places more emphasis on mobile page-load speed. This update mirrors a ranking factor that has been present on desktop for a while, in that it devalues web pages that load slowly on a mobile device.

This latest update is one of a slew of adaptations that Google has made since its original “Mobilegeddon” update in April 2015. Given that Google is prioritizing the mobile page experience for users, affiliate marketers should as well. Ensure your site is mobile-optimized with a fast load time and strong performance. You can test your performance with Google’s PageSpeed Insights tools and get additional data on your load speed and performance at Pingdom.

Earn Quality Links

The primary off-site search ranking factor is links. Google perceives that a link to your site or a page on your site from a quality site is a strong endorsement. The more high-quality links you earn from relevant, reputable sites, the better your position in the SERPs.

The first key to earning links is to create quality content that people naturally want to share. You can gain greater control of sharing, though, by distributing your links via social media, emails and other channels. Add social sharing buttons to your blog posts to enable users to easily share as well. Social links don’t directly influence your SEO success, but they drive traffic and increase opportunities to generate links on external sites. You could also reach out to website and blog operators that produce content related to your business and suggest a relevant link as a “value” to their readers.


These are some of the top SEO tips to aid affiliate marketers looking to earn more quality referral traffic from search engines. Adopt these strategies and practices with a long-term disciplined approach and watch your business grow over time!

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