Figured I should share some of the things I do to get links, this isn’t about building backlinks myself, this is for outreach and natural links.
I’m planning another guide for my PBN method later

So, to start off, these are not totally niche specific, but some niches lend themselves more to this, and some niches are easier to do this in.
I’m outing one of my niches here, as it is broad and many are already in this niche: job search, now I do niche down, but it will help to explain exactly what I do.

Ok, let’s start off, these are in no particular order

1) Write a detailed how to guide: so in job search, this could be “The Ultimate Guide to a Job Interview” this post should be 2,500 words, make it the ultimate guide, no other guide can match what you offer. Put in some “good/bad” picture comparisons, embed a video or 3. I know, nothing groundbreaking here, BUT, now make a simple ebook, talking about how to prep clothes, shine shoes, tie a tie, acceptable hair styles. Now, don’t use this simple ebook as bait for a mailing list, instead embed it on your site(I use a PDF viewer, so visitors can read it on my page), then include an embed code, so others can easily embed it onto their site. The embed code gives me a branded backlink as well, I’ll use something like:

2) So, I change this up a bit, when posting an infographic, I’ll usually make it part of a short post, one that links heavily internally, then post an infographic to bring it all together. Infographics, yeah, we know all about how to make them and give them out like coke at an 80’s party. But instead of guest-o-graphics, I use the same embed code generator, making it simple for others to use my content. Again, you get yourself a nice branded link.

3) Guest Post Pimping: pimping ain’t easy! No, I’m not talking about getting yourself a guest post, plenty of information out there on how to do that. No, I’m talking about finding others who have guest posted and approaching them FOR a guest post. Yes, ask them to write on your blog. I’ll usually search places like Monster’s blog, or check job recruiters in my LinkedIn feed for them to brag about an article they got published. Once I have identified a couple people, I’ll reach out FOR a guest post, yes, you read that right. I’ll publish on my job search blog, and they will share it on their website, bragging about the guest post they just scored. You can usually get 1-3 offers after they share it to their social media as well. You get industry people linking to your blog. Now sure you’re both linking to each other, but you’re scoring some nice backlinks, and if you pepper this into your overall strategy, it isn’t harmful.

4) Interview people: look, in many niches people are trying to establish themself as an authority in their field. They LOVE giving interviews, I’ll approach people on social media(I vet the list to only those with websites), and I approach them on that platform(Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), discuss that I want to do an interview, or a round up, or anything else you can think of. Hell, I once did a recorded Skype round table panel discussion on Ways to Impress Recruiters. It is important that you fluff their egos, get them to participate. Now put it up in the format you prefer(video, text, audio), backlink to them on the social media platform you approached them on. Write up a nice 500 word synopsis of the interview(if more than one participant, make each unique and personal), include plenty of ego stroking in that bit, provide it to them and encourage they share it to their own blog. Remember, people LOVE to appear important, so this usually gets me a backlink from their site 95% of the time.

5) Build/reskin a website app: would a calculator help others? In my niche, I paid to build a thesaurus tool, it pulls from and makes simple suggestions. I posted the tool on my own website in a simple guide on how to write an exciting resume. I searched Google for posts ranking on writing resumes, I emailed them and offered the tool free for use on their site for a backlink.
You can find tools on Themeforest, hire someone to help brand it. You can also hire someone to build a fully custom tool, but be aware this can get expensive.

Now, with these methods you’ll get backlinks from authoritative sites and a lot of less authoritative sites, BUT they will be branded backlinks. Sure the PDF, infographic and tool may not be contextual, but they will be a brand mention.

The next thing I do, is once I get a brand mention from my any of these, I will go to the site, and offer them a guest post or additional content to post with the tool/infographic/PDF, whichever works best, whichever they prefer.

So, how do I help these things get noticed? I use my social media, I belong to groups dedicated to recruiters, where they can go(closed groups are better), to share tips/tricks and such. I offer my tools, ebook(s), infographics in those groups to help others.
Now this means, like on LinkedIn you have to represent yourself as being in that niche, on Facebook maybe know a recruiter to find a sweet closed group, maybe a Reddit group or 4, all sorts of good opportunities out there.
Also in these groups, if you’re highly active and helpful, you’ll get requests for guest posts to other people’s sites.

Hope this offers you something helpful.